NEAT Bot Version 3096 for Evony



Check out these NEAT Bot highlights:

  • Neat Bot builds buildings and whole cities for you, plus handles research on younger accounts.
  • Neat Bot builds troops in your cities, and can even send and request troops from other cities automatically.
  • Neat Bot manages heroes perfectly by stats, names, positions, and various other settings.
  • Neat Bot manages resources via limit settings and market trading, also moves resources around between account cities and even other alliance cities such as feeder dumps.
  • Neat Bot acquires valleys and farms them for resources and/or medals according to various settings.
  • Neat Bot defends your cities, “works” the gate, hides resources, keeps heroes loyal, and protects your cities.
  • Neat Bot not only “flip flats”, but it can build NPCs based on various range settings.
  • Neat Bot’s scripting engine is the most flexible and advanced of all the Evony bots – anything is possible!

Download the Evony NEAT Bot Version 3096 here!

Note: Neat Bot only works for Evony Age I


Valley Capturing & Medal Farming Goal Section for Evony NEAT Bot – by EHU

Here is a good Evony Neat Bot goal section that is the standard setup for faster Valley Capturing and Medal Farming.

Adjust “valleylimit” if you would like your city to keep more archers, or other troops, in city before farming valleys for medals

Captures level 10 valleys for city as well as farms level 9 and 10 valleys for medals!

Valley Capturing & Medal Farming Goal Section for Evony NEAT Bot – by EHU: