General Evony NEAT Bot Beginner Goal

Here’s a good beginner Neat Bot Goal to get you going and automatically keep your Evony account running. This goal is a great NEAT Bot goal to start with and then build upon since it is powerful, yet compact – it handles all of the following with ease:

  • Auto Farm level 1-5 NPCs for food
  • Auto Train on level 6-8 NPCs for hero experience
  • Auto Farm level 9-10 NPCs for hero experience and food
  • Auto Hunt level valleys for medals
  • Auto Farm valleys for resources
  • Auto Control Gate when under attack
  • Auto Hide resources and troops when under attack
  • Auto Queue troops to train
  • Auto Build wall fortifications
  • Auto Build city buildings
  • Auto Research technologies
  • Auto Hire/Fire heroes
  • Auto Buy/Sell resources in market
  • Auto Move resources/troops between cities
  • Automatically do SO MUCH MORE!! (Some adjusting may be required, please leave a comment to ask for help!)

If you are not familar with NEAT Bot for Evony then head over to the NEAT Bot section of Evony Hookups to learn a bit more about and acquire the BEST Evony Bot yet!



// Main Variables
config wartown:0
config hunting:4
set npclimits10 a:220k
traininghero HeroName 120 240 1
// Resource Distribution
// Heroes
#nolevelheroes any:pol>=200|any:att>=220|any:int>=165,bse>=65
keepheroes any:bse>=73|any:lvl>=220|any:lvl>=165,bse>=65
config hero:21
config fasthero:73
config trainpol:1
config trainint:1
config npc:4
set npcheroes10 any:att=best
set npcheroes8 any:pol=best
set npcheroes5 any:att<best,pol<best
set valleyheroes any:att<best,pol<best
npcheroes 10 %npcheroes10%
npcheroes 9 %npcheroes10%
npcheroes 8 %npcheroes8%
npcheroes 7 %npcheroes8%
npcheroes 6 %npcheroes8%
npcheroes 5 %npcheroes5%
npcheroes 4 %npcheroes5%
npcheroes 3 %npcheroes5%
npcheroes 2 %npcheroes5%
npcheroes 1 %npcheroes5%
valleyheroes %valleyheroes%
/// Trade
config trade:3
set goldmin 200m
set foodmin 500m
set foodmax 1b
set woodmin 15m
set woodmax 20m
set stonemin 500m
set stonemax 1b
set ironmin 10m
set ironmax 15m
set batch 1m
tradepolicy /type:gold /min:%goldmin%
tradepolicy /type:food /min:%foodmin% /max:%foodmax% /batch:%batch%
tradepolicy /type:wood /min:%woodmin% /max:%woodmax% /batch:%batch% /allowselltomin
tradepolicy /type:stone /min:%stonemin% /max:%stonemax% /batch:%batch% /allowselltomin
tradepolicy /type:iron /min:%ironmin% /max:%ironmax% /batch:%batch% /allowselltomin
// Troop Build
config troopsusepopmax:1
config troopincrement:0
config reservedbarrack:1
config troopidlequeuetime:5
config troopsusereserved:1
config troopqueuetime:1
troop wo:1,warr:1,s:1,p:1,sw:1,a:1,c:1
troop b:550,t:550
troop b:1.5k,t:1.5k
troop b:2.5k,t:2.5k
troop wo:105k
troop warr:10k,s:10k,p:1k,sw:1k,a:10k
troop a:120k,wo:105k,warr:160k,s:105k,t:20k,p:15k,sw:10k,c:10k,cata:5k,b:3.6k,cp:250,r:500
troop a:220k,wo:200k,warr:260k,s:305k,t:25k,p:20k,sw:10k,c:100k,cata:15k,b:25k,cp:25k,r:10k
troop a:500k,wo:200k,warr:500k,s:2m,p:300k,sw:200k,c:300k,cata:150k,t:250k,b:250k,cp:250k,r:75k
troop s:15m
/// Resource and Troop Transfer
requestresources any food 20m 35m 11m cavalry
requestresources any food 100m 200m 38m worker
requestresources any gold 5m 6m 800k scout
requesttroops any ballista 1k 2k 1k
requesttroops any transport 1k 2k 1k
requesttroops any transport 10k 20k 10k
requesttroops any transport 20k 40k 20k
/// City Build
build b:0:11,c:0:11,wh:0:2,s:0:19,i:0:21
build a:9:1,b:9:1,c:5:5,fh:9:1,r:5:1,m:5:1
build b:9:3
build c:9:3,b:9:8
build s:5:5,i:5:5,b:9:1
build r:9:1,fh:9:1,inn:1:1,t:9:1
build c:9:8,b:9:10
build t:9:1,w:9:1,r:10:1
build rs:9:1,be:9:1,e:9:1,wh:9:2,m:9:1
build i:9:14
build s:9:13
build a:10:1,fh:10:1
build t:10:1,w:10:1
build rs:10:1,be:10:1
build st:0:0,fo:0:0,ws:0:0
build b:9:11,c:9:11
build b:10:3
build f:0:0,q:0:0
build i:9:21,s:9:19
/// NPC Farming
farmingpolicy /level:10 /mindistance:1 /maxdistance:20 /farmingcycle:8
farmingpolicy /level:9 /mindistance:1 /maxdistance:20 /farmingcycle:8
farmingpolicy /level:8 /mindistance:1 /maxdistance:20 /farmingcycle:8
farmingpolicy /level:7 /mindistance:1 /maxdistance:20 /farmingcycle:8
farmingpolicy /level:6 /mindistance:1 /maxdistance:20 /farmingcycle:8
farmingpolicy /level:5 /mindistance:1 /maxdistance:20 /farmingcycle:8
farmingpolicy /level:4 /mindistance:1 /maxdistance:20 /farmingcycle:8
farmingpolicy /level:3 /mindistance:1 /maxdistance:15 /farmingcycle:8
farmingpolicy /level:2 /mindistance:1 /maxdistance:10 /farmingcycle:8
farmingpolicy /level:1 /mindistance:1 /maxdistance:5 /farmingcycle:8
npctroops 10 a:88k,s:3k,t:2k,w:7k
npctroops 9 a:83k,s:3k,t:2k,w:7k
npctroops 8 w:80000,t:1100
npctroops 7 w:65000,t:850
npctroops 6 w:50000,t:600
npctroops 5 b:450,t:400
npctroops 4 b:350,t:300
npctroops 3 b:200,t:100
npctroops 2 b:90,t:50
npctroops 1 b:30,t:20

set npclimits8 s:305k
npclimits 10 %npclimits10%
npclimits 9 %npclimits10%
npclimits 8 %npclimits8%
npclimits 7 %npclimits8%
npclimits 6 %npclimits8%
/// Valley and Hunting
config valley:10
valleyfarming 10 0 10 0 0 0
valleylimit a:120k
valleytroops 10 w:200,s:1,p:1,sw:1,a:25k,b:200
valleytroops 9 w:100,s:1,p:1,sw:1,a:20k,b:100
valleytroops /level:10 /type:flat s:100k
valleytroops /level:9 /type:flat s:100k
valleytroops /level:8 /type:flat s:100k
valleytroops /level:7 /type:flat s:80k
valleytroops /level:6 /type:flat s:80k
valleytroops /level:5 /type:flat s:80k
valleytroops /level:4 /type:flat s:50k
valleytroops /level:3 /type:flat s:50k
valleytroops /level:2 /type:flat s:10k
valleytroops /level:1 /type:flat s:10k
/// NPC Build
config buildnpc:15
npcbuildpolicy /level:5 /mindistance:3 /maxdistance:20
npcbuildpolicy /level:10 /mindistance:1 /maxdistance:3
config abandonflats:1
config acquireflats:1
// Other City Configure
config comfort:1
processingpolicy n q r m t
rallypolicy n:10:1 n:7 r:3 t:3 b:3 v:3 a:3 m:3
distancepolicy 20 20 5 30 35
taxpolicy 0 0
warehousepolicy 90 5 0 5
config feastinghallspace:1
keepcapturedheroes any:level>=432|any:base>=80
homeheroes 1
/// Gate and Defense
config hiding:1.5,gate:0.02,attackgap:30,monitorarmy:1
gatepolicy 2 0 2 0 1
defensepolicy /junktroop:1 /usespeech:7 /usetruce:6
/// Fortification Build Order
config fortsusereserved:1
fortification tra:1,ab:1,at:1
fortification tra:3k,ab:3k,at:15k,tre:200
/// Research Order
research ag:2,lu:2,mas:2,mi:2
research ar:9,ho:8,lo:8,met:5,com:8
research met:9,in:9,ms:9,mt:9,ir:9,lo:9
research ho:9,st:9,con:9,med:9,mac:9,com:9
research ag:9,lu:9,mas:9,mi:9
research en:9,pr:9
research ar:10,ho:10,lo:10,met:10
research met:10,in:10,ms:10,mt:10,ir:10,lo:10
research com:10,ho:10,st:10,con:10,med:10,mac:10
research ag:10,lu:10,mas:10,mi:10
research en:10,pr:10

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