Automatic Level 10 NPC Farming Script – by EHU

NEAT Bot Note
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Here is an Automatic Level 10 NPC Farming Script for NEAT bot.. no need to change anything except the “set minarchers” value which is currently set to 120k, you could also change the troops and heroname if you are comfortable with NEAT scripting!! Have fun watching food pile up.. ;)

Also, if you have an insta-archer hero running on this script you may want to make some of the delays in this script longer, otherwise your hero will burn through your archers/population/resources too fast making insta-archers while farming lvl 10 npcs! You will see… then adjust as needed.

label autorun //-- The Auto-Run --//
sleep 300 //-- Delay for bot to stabilize, and map. --//
set heroname any:att=best //-- Hero Variables --//
set troops a:88k,t:2k,s:3k,w:7k //-- Troop Variables --//
set sleepcycle 300 //-- Inter-script sleep Delay --//
set minarchers 88k //-- Minimum Archers for Farming --//
type="npc" //-- What to Farm.. --//
distance=6 //-- Distance of NPCs to farm --//
level=10 //-- Level of NPCs to farm --//
//-- Don't Touch Below!! --//
list=FindField(city.x, city.y, distance, GetFieldType(type), level)
echo "Found " + list.length + " level " + level + " " + type + "(s)"
label farming
ifgoto (ind==list.length) wait
ifgoto ( m_city.cityManager.troop.archer < %minarchers% ) wait
echo "attack "+FieldIdToCoords(xy)+" %heroname% %troops%"
execute "attack "+FieldIdToCoords(xy)+" %heroname% %troops%"
loop farming
//Method wait
label wait
sleep %sleepcycle%
goto farming
//End of Method Wait
goto EOS
label EOS
echo "All done farming lvl 10 NPCs with feeders for now!!"

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