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Evony Hookups is your hook-up for ALL the best information regarding the Evony MMORTS Elite.. From game auto bots (NEAT, YAEB, Dixie, The Director, and more!), alternate player account strategies (honor dropping, treb leveling, etc), player feeder accounts (stockpiling resources, massive armies), game resource glitches (free resources!), and other Evony MMORTS cheats, exploits and tricks – it’s all up for posting here.*

Some information on this site may pertain to Evony Age I as well as Evony Age II, but keep in mind this site and all of its guides are written SPECIFICALLY for an Evony Age I Super Server!

* Evony Hookups does not condone, endorse, or host any files that directly violate Evony.com’s Terms & Conditions. Any mentioning of such material is just mentioning for educational reference purposes – the best way to beat something is to know how it operates. 😉