Buy Evony Accounts

Want to be bigger and have more troops on Evony, but can’t feed them?

Do all of your enemies have far more resources and troops than you? They most likely have multiple alternate feeder accounts, known as “alts” or “feeders”, dumping resources to their main account for Troop Building and expensive Trebbing/Hero-Training.

You could spends weeks or months making your own new feeder accounts, or you could..

Order some pre-built ready-to-farm alts/feeders with multiple cities delivered within 1-4 weeks! Alts/Feeders can be made for ANY Age I servers.

Furstin/Prinzessin accounts already Available For Sale on Servers:198 and 199

For more info, check this out:
If you’re interested, PM BawlZak or LKD_70 on skype!