Beating the Evony IP Connection Limit with TheDirector and a Proxy List

If you’ve read EHU’s other post about beating the Evony IP connection limit then you probably ended up here wanting to know the some-what newer and faster way of launching NEAT bots through a proxy without using the “Proxifier” program.

Here’s the newer, more efficient way of using NEATbot through proxies:

First, you need a .txt document containing a list of proxies in ip:port format, like this:

Any of the proxies that are socks 5 type should have “ss5://” in front of them, like this:

Then, go to your running TheDirector.exe and in the top menu select “Tools > Use Proxies from the Proxy List” so that it now has a check-mark next to it.

After that, in TheDirector top menu select “Tools > Choose ProxyList File” and navigate to your .txt Proxy List document and select it.

Special note: If using public/shared/open proxies you found for free on the web, you should add the following parameters to your TheDirector.exe paramater box or CmdParms.txt file:

That’s it! You’re done setting TheDirector to use proxies from a list

If you need some proxies – get them here!

Bonus: Here’s a video by LKD70 showing how to setup TheDirector to use a proxy list!