Evony Attacking – Jaq Attack and Dirty Jaq

We know Cav Bombs are a great way to quickly kill archers that are Alone in a city without other defenses and layers accompanying them, and we know that Cav Spams are meant to take away wall fortifications… 

However, If you add small layers of Ranged Attackers to your cavalry attack, you transform the Attack into a Slower, yet more Capable Attack pinpointed at Defeating Mass amounts of Archers that are lacking the proper defense layers – walls and layered troops

Jaq Attacks are different than Cav Bomb, Cav Spam, and Cav/Scout attacks because they have ranged layers included with them, including ballista and/or catapults.

Check out the shot below of a regular Cav/Scout Attack hitting an un-layered city defense.


Now, check out the Images below and see what can happen if you leave your ranged troops alone against a Jaq Attack! (BTW, a Dirty Jaq Attack is any Jaq Attack including Cataphracts.)