Evony Attacking – Spam / Junk Attack

What is a spam attack wave?

A spam attack wave is when you send 1 scout and a very crappy hero.  It’s simple enough but what amazes me is how many players either don’t know about this or too lazy to do this.  Here are the reasons you should whenever possible should spam ahead!

  1. Spam attacks can protect your big heroes from being captured.
  2. In large numbers spam makes it difficult for a defender to see real attacks.
  3. If two players are both at 0 honor, it gives the defender honor before real attacks hit and increase the attackers heal percentage.

Evony Spam Wave

Evony Spam AttackYou do not want to be spamming with good heroes.  You should be using heroes fresh out of the inn.  You can hit a city over and over again until the hero is either lost or never takes.  Assuming the hero does not take this could be a sign that their feasting hall is full.  If the hero is lost repeat the process.  Now keep in mind that if the player you are attacking is online they could be possibly dismissing the heroes.  If they aren’t online the hero could be in their feasting hall filling it and preventing any future heroes from being capped.  This is the raw approach to filling a feasting hall.  A good player will likely be playing possum and will dismiss captured heroes when you send real attacks.  When you spam, do it quick, it’s only a matter of time before someone sees this in war reports and someone could be on the account very soon.

Setting up spam waves

I would suggest you set up your spam strategically and time your spam attacks to land just before your real attacks.  The best way to do this is make sure your heroes have zero loyalty before you even send your first attack.  I like to work in stealth mode before I launch my first wave to avoid detection.    What you want to do is find an npc nearby and attack it with 1 scout and the hero over and over again until you have enough heroes you can spare to use as spam.  Like I said before do not use good heroes!  Having heroes with 0 loyalty to send will not guarantee your spam hero will be captured and that your good heroes will be safe, this only helps your chances.  The more spam heroes you can send the better.  Take measures with your good heroes to keep them by rewarding and giving medals if you can afford this.

Evony Spam / Support City

Evony Spam City

This is typically a city that is captured near where the attacks are taking place with the intention to dedicate it purely to spamming.  This city may also double for other purposes and is very wise to do this when possible.  The more heroes you set up the safer big heroes will be.  Some players with lots of ports and troops will actually port these cities around to spam and in assist capturing npcs near their target.  I personally will do this when I am porting around raiding a territory.  You may not have realized this but it takes a spam wave 1 minute to move 6 miles.  So once you have the city on location it could stay in position and support mech waves up to 48 miles away.  This is what your feasting hall would look like.

Think you have no reason to do this?

Evony Hero Experience to LevelI’ve heard this argument several times and it makes zero sense to me.  I believe you when you say you have tons of heroes. Now when you say it’s not worth your time that’s when I laugh. Being the awesome player you are it’s probably rare to lose a hero I’m sure, however all it takes is one player who knows how to defend and you’ve lost several support heroes and maybe even a big one.  One of the very first things I personally do when I’m attacked is move my heroes to other cities.  When your attacks roll in spam less I will be sitting there with 8-9 empty slots in my feasting hall.  I will win the attacks and many of your heroes. In addition to losing heroes, you either have to bring new good heroes to your city or use fresh heroes from the inn which now weaken your attacks.  So not only have you lost big heroes, you’ve weakened your attack strength, lost time and potentially supplied your enemy with bigger better heroes to build troops and/or attack with.  To support the value of your heroes I’ve included a chart on how much experience it took to build a hero starting from scratch in certain attack ranges.  Your heroes are important and they should be protected.  Add spam attacks to your arsenal of attacks and become a better player.


Source Article from http://evonyunites.com/