Evony Attacking – Mech Attack: The Ultimate Attack!

Mech Attacks are most useful when the defending city has alot of Archers, more than you would like to Scout bomb, OR when the Enemy City has ALOT of Layering or mass amounts of Warriors… Pretty much, this layer works well against anything, as long as you time your attacks correctly to throw off your defender if he is online! Downside? You have to be able to build lots of mechs and feed lots of mechs to attack with mechs!

Mech Attacks work best when you combine Ballistas, Catapults, and Rams together along with many Layers. 


Ballista – Pult – Ram Ratio should be about:

Ballista /2 = Pult /2 = Ram

Twice as many Pults as Rams, twice as many Ballistas as Pults.


Why it Works:

Catapults and Ballistas have extremely Far Range which allows them to attack troops and Wall fortifications long before being attacked themselves.

Layers of Archers, Infantry, and Cavalry in front of the slower ranged Mech Units Hold off enemy troops from getting to your Mech too Fast.

Rams have extremely High Life, 5000, which allows them to protect the Ballistas and Catapults when Layers start dying off.

The Ultimate Mech Attack



REMEMBER – Mech Attacks can be very costly, so don't send your Mechs to their deaths, Mech Attack wisely!