Evony Tip – Troop and Wall Recommendations for Beginners

To Properly Defend a city until fellow alliance members can reinforce you, you must keep your cities at a minimum amount of troops AT ALL TIMES.

Your cities should never fall below these troop amounts, this is the BARE MINIMUM:

Workers 1
Warriors 200k
Scouts 200k
Pikemen 15k
Swordsmen 25k
Archers 150k
Cavalry 5k
Cataphracts 1k
Transporters 4k
Ballista 5k
Rams 500
Catapults 1k

The Recommended amount of troops you should have in your cities at all times is as follows:

Workers 100k
Warriors 300k
Scouts 400k
Pikemen 50k
Swordsmen 75k
Archers 300k
Cavalry 20k
Cataphracts 10k
Transporters 7k
Ballista 20k
Rams 2k
Catapults 5k

Remember, once you reach these troop amounts in each city you can keep building troops and send them to other cities that are lacking troops. Once ALL of your cities reach the above troop recommendation, you can build any troops you want.

Note: You DO NOT need more than 100k Pikemen or 150k Swordsmen in a city. When you are building extra troops, remember to build useful troops – troops that you attack with. The best, most useful, troops to build are Scouts, Archers, Cavalry, Ballista, and Catapults!!


To Properly Defend a city until fellow alliance members can reinforce you, you should have your wall defenses built accordingly.

Traps 9000
Abatis 9000
Archer Towers 9000
Rolling Logs 100
Defensive Trebuchets 120

The Above Wall Defenses are good for defending against Scout Bombs, but even better at defending against Cavalry.

Traps 500
Abatis 500
Archer Towers MAX
Rolling Logs 500
Defensive Trebuchets 500

The Above Wall Defenses are the best for defending against Scout Bombs.