Battle of Christmas

Update! Battle of Christmas extended to January 6th! Don’t miss your last chance for Double Cents!

Just hear those sleigh bells ringing and weapons jingling too!
Come on its lovely weather for a battle together with you!

Its the Battle of Christmas across the lands of Evony and there is so much to do! To start it off, we have the ever-popular Double Cents! That’s right, from server maintenance on the 21st until the end of the year, get double the normal amount of Cents on every purchase!

You can also find a Christmas Castle in the shop to make your city look like a festive holiday keep, and there’s even an advanced model that will work on all your cities!


What is Christmas without a snowball fight? During the Battle of Christmas, if you attack enemy player or barbarian cities, you can win Snowballs to cash in for free Christmas loot! Can’t beat freebies!


And what about a Christmas Package? We’ve got you covered! With any purchase of $30 or more, you’ll get a free Christmas Package, jam-packed with Christmas goodness all for you! You even get a Gingerbread Key! Plus a War Chest and Milk and Cookies for your friends and even Vesta’s Blessing for one special friend. What a deal!

Its the season of giving, so of course you want to hook your friends up too! If you make any $30 purchase during the Battle of Christmas, your friends will get a Christmas War Chest, full of just the stuff they need to wage war, along with Milk and Cookies! They’ll need a Gingerbread Key to open the chest!

Milk and Cookies aren’t just for Santa. When you make a purchase of $30 or more, you can send all of your friends Milk and Cookies that reduce the upkeep of troops by 50% for 24 hours! Delicious!


The festivities all end on January 6th! so don’t miss out! Have a blast in the battle for Christmas!

The Evony Team


TERMS AND CONDITIONS: This offer is valid only to new purchases, new AutoCents subscribers or AutoCents renewals of a single transaction of $30 or more during this period. The 100% bonus on Cents Offer is available and valid from December 21 through December 31. 

The Battle of Christmas promotion shall run from December 21 through December 31. To receive the 50% reduction food consumption buff, The “Milk and Cookies” item must be used between December 21 and January 3. On January 4, 2013, all buffs and all unused Milk and Cookies items will be removed. To open the Christmas War Chest, you must have a Gingerbread Key. Gingerbread Keys are obtained for each purchase of $30 or more during the promotional period. 

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