Silver Key – 3 Days Only!

Get Silver Keys in the shop! For 3 days only, you can get a key to open ANY chest! They are available in the shop for a limited time only, so get em while they last!

You can get 1 Silver Key for you and 1 for a friend!
Just open the shop and click “Gift a Key, Get a Key!” and it will be a Happy New Year for both of you!

If you can’t see the button to buy a key, you might need to clear the cookies in your browser and then reload the game.

The Silver Key opens a chest from any previous promotion! If you have old chests sitting around gathering dust, just grab a few Silver Keys from the shop and collect your bounty!

The Silver Key is gone January 4th! Don’t miss it!

And don’t forget, the Battle of Christmas is still underway! You can get some great items for you and your friends! Its all happening right now!

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