Silver Keys Are Here!

Silver Keys are here! A Silver Key will open any locked chest. But you better hurry! They will only be available until February 17th! Get your Silver Keys now in the shop for only 50 Cents each!

Its that time of year. The air is filled with love and volleys of arrows! It must be nearing Valentine’s Day at Evony!

If you’re in the mood for war, you’ll love these great Valentine deals!

With every purchase of $30 or more, you’ll also get a Valentine Package! This package contains random medals, Adv City Teleporter and more, plus a Casanova Key to open a Chest from your friends!


With every purchase of $30 or more, you can send all your friends and alliance a Casanova Package which is filled-to-bursting with items they’re sure to love! They’ll need a Casanova Key to open the chest, and it could contain 750 Cents, Holy Helm of Mars, Excalibur or other combinations of items!


Your friends will love you even more if you send them some Valentine Candy! This delicious buff is included to any friends and alliance you choose with every purchase of $30 or more, and makes your troops require no food for 24 hours! Stacks up to 5 days!


Happy Valentine’s Day from Evony!

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: This offer is valid only to new purchases, new AutoCents subscribers or AutoCents renewals of a single transaction of $30 or more during this period. Offer is valid now and ends on February 17th. All “Valentine’s Candy” buffs will be removed on February 18th. You must have a Casanova’s Key for each Casanova’s Package you wish to open. Casanova’s Key is included with a purchase of $30 or more and found in the Evony Valentine’s Package during this period.

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