Silver Keys for All!

Because of some problems in our external datacenter, we know its been a bit of a bumpy ride these past few days. While this problem was not within our control, we want to make it up to you!

  • We’ve given all players a free Silver Key!
  • Players on servers 156, 159, 161 and wn4 had an error that prevented some items being delivered. We’ve re-delivered any items they may have missed due to the error, and extended the candy usage period on these servers for 3 extra days, so you’ll have time to use some candy if you just got it.
  • Players on servers 168, 171, ss58 and ss62 had some data lost and the servers were rolled back. We’ve given all players on these servers an additional Thank You Package for the trouble and lost time.

We are very thankful you’re sticking with us and we want to thank you for playing Evony. We couldn’t do it with you!

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