The Wild Hunt Begins!

A howl in the distance primes your senses. The Hunt is on! Join the Wild Hunt from July 24th through 31st by attacking enemy players or barbarians. You could capture a Wolf’s Paw to trade in for nice loot!

Each day of the Wild Hunt, Age I players will receive a daily gift of 1 free Broken Gates item per player. Age II players will receive a 10% bonus to all uprisings during the hunt!

Throughout the Wild Hunt you will also receive a free Hunter’s Package with any $30 purchase and an Emperor’s Package with any $90 purchase! Other gifts are available for $5 as well, including the Builder’s Tools and Knight’s Gear.

With a $30 purchase you can also send your friends a Chest of the Hunt, that contains a random assortment of items that could include Excalbur, Holy Helm of Mars, Adv City Teleporters and more!

Then on July 27th, we’ll hold a Feast of the Hunter to feed your troops all day.

Let the Wild Hunt begin!

The Evony Team

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