Evony References – The Official Evony Age 1 Map

Keeping up with all your Evony cities, in relation to your state, as well as your state in relation to hostile and friendly states, can be a total pain without a visual! Some people copy, re-size, and mark the below maps/grids with whatever image editing software (paint?) they have to keep track of about where their cities are and give them a way to visualize everything better.

Below is the official map that Evony provided back in the Civony/Evony Age 1 days, it’s always been a pain in the ass to find on the Evony website:

Colored World Map Evony Official - Evony Hookups

Colored World Map Evony Official – Evony Hookups

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Hope this help you in your Evony endeavors.

Have another Evony Map, Grid, or Visual of some other kind? Let Evony Hookups and it’s other users know about it in the comments below!