General Beginner Goal for Evony NEAT Bot – 40 Sawmills – by EHU

NEAT Bot Note
If you are not familar with NEAT Bot for Evony then head over to the NEAT Bot section of Evony Hookups to learn a bit more about and acquire the BEST Evony Bot yet!

Here’s a good beginner Neat Bot Goal to get you going and automatically keep your Evony account running.

This goal is a great NEAT Bot goal to start with and then build upon since it is powerful, yet compact – it handles all of the following with ease:

  • Auto Farm level 1-5 NPCs for food
  • Auto Train on level 6-8 NPCs for hero experience
  • Auto Farm level 9-10 NPCs for hero experience and food
  • Auto Hunt level 9-10 valleys for medals
  • Auto Farm valleys for resources
  • Auto Control Gate when under attack
  • Auto Hide resources and troops when under attack
  • Auto Queue troops to train
  • Auto Build wall fortifications
  • Auto Build city buildings
  • Auto Research technologies
  • Auto Hire/Fire heroes
  • Auto Buy/Sell resources in market
  • Auto Move resources/troops between cities
  • Automatically do SO MUCH MORE!! (Some adjusting may be required, please leave a comment to ask for help!)

DON’T KEEP BEING THE BIGGEST NOOB ON YOUR EVONY SERVER!! Join the dark side and use this General NEAT Bot Goal on all of your cities, then adjust it for maximum effectiveness!

40 Sawmills, 0 Mines – For the lazy, Explained in the goal!

General Beginner Goal for Evony NEAT Bot – 40 Sawmills – by EHU: