Automatic Capture Nearest Level 10 NPC Script for NEAT Bot – by EHU

NEAT Bot Note
If you are not familar with NEAT Bot for Evony then head over to the NEAT Bot section of Evony Hookups to learn a bit more about and acquire the BEST Evony Bot yet!

Need a quick Level 10 NPC? Adjust this script once to your liking, save it for future use, then just paste it into a city and run it to capture the nearest level 10 NPC. NO entering coordinates – just paste, run, and wait 30-45 minutes until you have a new city!

Once the level 10 NPC is captured it is sent some food, ballista, transporters, and a hero to get it farming the moment you set some farming goals! These features can be turned off or on easily.

Automatically capture the nearest level 10 NPC to use, give to an ally, or make new feeder cities.


  • If you alter the hero variables, make sure the hero-strings you use are correct so you don’t lose good heroes!
  • If you alter the troop variables, make sure your city has enough troops to send 1 of the big attacks and 6-8+ of the spam attacks all at once.
  • Be careful you don’t have too many level 10 NPCs being captured at once before you can paste goals into them, other players may have waves heading to the city from when it was still a level 10 NPC. Get that loyalty up fast before the cities are stolen from you, especially since they were the closest level 10 NPCs to your cities!

Automatic Capture Nearest Level 10 NPC Script for NEAT Bot – by EHU:

Thanks go to the Neat Forum for giving me the stock scripts to butcher for this!!

As soon as the new cities are captured and the food, ballista, transporters, and hero have arrived.. just paste in your favorite Feeder City goals and maybe some Level 10 NPC Convert scripts and watch your cities grow! A set of Global Goals or a custom version of NewCityGoals.txt or NewCityScript.txt could be used to automatically set goals/etc on newly auto-capped cities.

Don’t have enough troops to cap a level 10 NPC with this script? Try the “Automatic Capture Nearest Level 5 NPC Script for NEAT Bot – by EHU” instead!

EHU Script/Goal Note
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