Automatic Level 10 NPC Farming Script for NEAT Bot – by EHU

A Level 10 NPC Farming Script for NEAT bot that automatically finds the nearest five or more level 10 NPCs within 3+ miles of your city and then farms each of them twice with the specified Heroes and Troops, then ends. Script will also stop if below the specified Minimum Archers count or if food reaches the Minimum Food amount.

Never again resort to manually making level 10 NPC farming script with Findfield


  • If you are just trying to gather up some quick food there is no real need to change anything except the “minarchers” value and the “minfood” value.
  • If you just want it to run forever, set “minarchers” to -1, “minfood” to 999b, and “loopscript” to yes”
  • You could also tweak the “troops” to your preference – only adjust “heroname” if you are comfortable with NEATbot hero-strings!!
  • If you have an insta-archer hero running on this script you may want to make the “SleepCycle” in this script longer, otherwise your hero will burn through your archers/population/resources too fast making insta-archers while farming lvl 10 npcs! You will see… then adjust as needed.

Have fun watching food pile up.. 😉

Automatic Level 10 NPC Farming Script for NEAT Bot – by EHU:

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NEAT Bot Note
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