Quicky & Dirty Trebuchet Leveling Spam Scripts for NEAT Bot – by EHU

NEAT Bot Note
If you are not familar with NEAT Bot for Evony then head over to the NEAT Bot section of Evony Hookups to learn a bit more about and acquire the BEST Evony Bot yet!

Some times you don’t need a fancy script to get the job done.. you just need it done, easily.

If you don’t know, this is a two-part script.. because it is a two-part process! You need one big account with a good politics hero to build instant trebs, and another account with a hero on it you wish to level. The Insta-Treb account makes trebuchets OVER and OVER while the other account spams them with scouts OVER and OVER for experience, (you may want to add some valley spams in the middle of the treb spams if the spamming account has lots of honor, to keep scouts from depleting so fast).

This is the “Quick and Dirty” method of leveling heroes in Age 1 Evony on one account by using the Instant-Trebuchet hero on a second account by spamming the Trebuchet city with scouts and the hero to train from the first acount while the Trebuchet city on the second account has it’s gates closed and is spamming the walls with more Instant-Trebuchet fortification builds.. as the first account continually spam them down.. a whole ton of SPAM going on here!!

NOTE: If new to Trebbing/Trebuchet-Leveling you should probably read this article called Evony Tip – Evony Trebbing: the Art of Trebuchet Hero Leveling and Item Farming before continuing.

EHU Script/Goal Note
Scripts and Goals by Evony Hookups are updated as frequently as possible when there are outdated lines that need to be updated, or upgrades to how the Script/Goal works, however, they can’t always be tested with each update – there are simply too many. There may be small errors in operation or typos due to an update. Please keep this in mind when using Scripts or Goals by EHU and report any errors or suggestions in the comments below or via email on the Contact page!

Part 1 – Quicky & Dirty Trebuchet Leveling Spam Scripts for NEAT Bot – by EHU:

Run in Spamming account that is Leveling a hero:

Part 2 – Quicky & Dirty Trebuchet Leveling Spam Scripts for NEAT Bot – by EHU:

Run in Instant-Trebuchet hero account that is making Trebuchets to be Spammed:

IMPORTANT: This will keep your spamming hero’s loyalty at 0 to 1 after a while… keep a CLOSE eye on the account.

2 thoughts on “Quicky & Dirty Trebuchet Leveling Spam Scripts for NEAT Bot – by EHU

  1. Hi,
    I ran this yesterday and bot sent the valley spam block once and after that it disregards the valley switch condition and just does gosub TrebAttack.
    Can you please give some info whats wrong.I have 2m honor and hittin valley with 100 scouts dont bring it down.

    • I’m not sure why it would disregard the valley spam as long as you had it enabled. Can you try again and post the log it creates in bot?

      Also – this is a 2-account script that is used to spam one account’s trebuchet city with another account’s hero. The city making trebs to get spammed down loses the honor, the hero doing attacking the trebs gets experience. That is this scripts main focus – Losing Honor on a treb account, Giving a hero XP – the valley attack in between is just an evony glitch keeps the treb-attacking account from gaining too much honor in the process.

      Are you just trying to lose honor with one account? If so, this is not the script… I don’t have a script up for losing honor without a treb hero, however it does involve attacking another accounts valley that is reinforced with troops. If you find a guide somewhere describing the process, I will make scripts you can use to do it easier.

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