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This is a variation of the Trebuchet Leveling Single Hero Script – by EHU that uses two heroes instead of one – one 1066+ politics hero to make the Instant-Trebuchets, and one hero to get the XP from the Trebuchets!

This Evony Script demolishes all of your wall fortifications, then queues 1 trap with your Hero-in-training, then it uses your 1066+ politics Insta-Trebuchet hero to queue 10999 instant Trebuchets behind the 1 trap that’s being built, then it switches back to the Hero-in-training to wait for the builds to complete (giving him XP), then he demolishes those 10999 Trebuchets and 1 Trap and repeats the entire process! Although waiting for the 1 trap to build each loop slows this script down more than the Single Hero version, it still eats up stone and food pretty quick!

Of course, this script is designed for players with Insta-Treb heroes to level quickly level other heroes, however.. if you have a politics hero that is ALMOST insta-treb, such as 1 or 2 seconds per Trebuchet, then you could.. in theory, with some tweaking.. still use this script to gain XP at a much slower pace!

Level your Attack hero like an Evony BOSS using your Insta-Treb hero and this Trebuchet Leveling Double Hero Script – by EHU!!

NOTE: If new to Trebbing/Trebuchet-Leveling you should probably read this article called Evony Tip – Evony Trebbing: the Art of Trebuchet Hero Leveling and Item Farming before continuing.

EHU Script/Goal Note
Scripts and Goals by Evony Hookups are updated as frequently as possible when there are outdated lines that need to be updated, or upgrades to how the Script/Goal works, however, they can’t always be tested with each update – there are simply too many. There may be small errors in operation or typos due to an update. Please keep this in mind when using Scripts or Goals by EHU and report any errors or suggestions in the comments below or via email on the Contact page!

Trebuchet Leveling Double Hero Script – by EHU:

Have fun watching your Insta-Treb hero get almost a million experience every 15-20+ seconds, approximately – depending on how fast the Hero-in-training makes 1 trap.. 😛

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