NEAT Scripts

Scripting is how you command your Evony NEAT Bot to do something immediately without restraint, as opposed to goals which just tell the bot what to generally work toward on your Evony account.

For example, the goal line troop c:500 in the goals tab tells the NEAT Bot to build at least 500 cavalry, and then move to the next goal line – If your city already has 500+ cavalry, the goal line is disregarded and skipped. However, the script line train c:500 will command your NEAT Bot to immediately build 500 new cavalry in your evony city regardless of how many you already have finished or being built in the barracks, as long as you have enough resources and population to fill the order of course.

The Script tab looks almost exactly like the Goal tab and can be found by clicking the second tab to the right on the upper left hand of the main NEAT Bot window. Scripts are executed, or “ran”, from the top to bottom, beginning with the specified number in the box next to the “Run” button. If no “Run Number” is chosen, or the number chosen is higher than any line existing on the script, then the Neat Bot will start at the beginning of the script – Alternatively, you can also set scripts to always start on line #1 within NEAT Bot’s settings. There are 10 script save “slots” per city, which allows you to make and save up to 10 different scripts per city for easy script changing. Saved scripts can be recalled via the “Load” button. Remember, Neat Bot will automatically load the last script slot saved each time it starts.

Script lines also give NEAT Bot users the ability to command the NEAT Bot to perform the same actions the bot can do from the goal tab – Goal lines can be ran from the script tab, such as config npc:5 placed in a script setting your city to only farm lvl 5 npcs, just as it would in the goal tab. Keep in mind that while scripts can replace, alter, or run in unison with your goals, but any goal lines ran from a script will not actual change the lines in the saved goal – they remain separate. Keeping this in mind, scripts can help you do so much more on your Evony account than just using Neat Bot goals alone!

NEAT Bot Scripts: