My Director just did automatic updates! Woo-hoo! But what did you change?

Files-HelpOne of the coolest things about the Director is its ability to automatically update itself when a new version is released.

The director has a changelog built into it, you can view it by clicking Help > Changelog at the top of The Director, or by double clicking on the version number displayed in The Director.

The Director now has the concept of beta testing.  You can participate in testing new features by choosing to participate in betas on the File menu.  With beta versions, the last number in the version will be odd numbered while general releases will be even numbered.



YAEB Director is written in AutoHotkey which is a freely available scripting language with a utility to convert the script to an exe. It's Windows-only. You can find AutoHotkey at  YAEB Director is written under an Open Source license, the source code is freely available to all to inspect or even contribute and make changes. 

The source is here:

Want to help with development? That's VERY MUCH encouraged! If you make any improvements, please submit them back to me, SRG, via skype or the YAEB forums so I can consider adding them to the main. Not a developer but have a suggestion? Leave a comment below.


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