What is the difference between Backup Bot and Account Portability?

The button labeled Backup Bot will back up every bot profile you have.  It'll create a full backup in case your computer crashes or someone does a "Clear Internet Cache" which wipes out the Flash storage.  It's a backup but can also be used if you wanted to copy/move your entire configuration to another computer.

Account Portability allows you to copy/move individual accounts between computers such as you would do to give a copy to another person to babysit your account.  This backup can be imported directly into another copy of the Director and will be able to run as if it were on the original computer with the restart schedule, memory restart, etc.  The Account Portability is ONLY available by right-clicking on the account profile you would like to have saved as a zip file in your director folder – you will just need to email them the zip with the account email in filename and they will be able to import it into their YAEB Director by dragging the zip file to the YAEB Director window.

Do not try to use the Backup Bot button for account portability.  It'll create a backup of everything, not a single account, and at this point is only designed for disaster recovery.

(note to SRG, need a file select to pick which backup to restore from when doing complete restores, could effectively make all accounts portable easily.)

Source: http://SumRandomGuy.com/