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Evony Calculator Tools

  • DxCalc DxCalc Evony Battle Calculator for Evony Age 1 – The BEST Evony Battle Calculator.

Evony Bot Tools

  • Dixey Instructions I’m not even sure if this is just Dixey Instructions, or the official site, but it’s instructions at least..
  • Get Fast VPS VPS Comparison – Get the Best and Cheapest VPS for running Evony bots!
  • Robot Evony Bot (RE Bot) Seems to be a Evobot/AutoEvony fork like YAEB and NEAT – but for Evony Age 2.
  • the0bot – …gnihtynovE Mirror “Mirror site of the0bot” they say… except you MUST join this one in order to download the bot.. so it’s not much of a mirror is it?? More like an off-loader..
  • the0bot – Evonything…. An obscure bot by Schwackmaster, supposedly has some advantages if you learn to use it for attacking.. but a bit lacking in other areas.
  • the0bot – Guide Guide for Schwackmaster’s the0bot, learn how to use it here.

Evony Related Tools

  • Evony Quick Register Quickly register new Evony accounts with the old original Evony register page!
  • Evony Url Shorten, view, and cache your Evony battle links for future use. Useful for keeping battle reports after you’ve deleted all the reports on your account!
  • Evonypedia Evony wiki at – formerly Sort of Dead, probably needs updating but still valuable.

Proxy & VPN Tools

  • Starting at $10USD for 10! – Fast and Reliable Evony Proxies for the price – tested and working.
  • Starting at $8 for 10. – Another Neat Portal recommended proxy provider, not as reliable or fast as SSLPrivateProxy but cheaper than BuyProxies.
  • Get Fast Proxy Website to Compare Proxy Providers – Find the Best and Cheapest Proxies!
  • Get Fast VPN Website to Compare VPN Providers – Find the Best and Cheapest VPN!
  • Starting at $2.44 each. – One of the Neat Portal recommended proxy providers.

Other Non-Evony Tools

  • Dropbox Dropbox – the most popular free Cloud Storage! 2GB to start, up to 16GB after referrals! Great way to save The Director and other bot-related Backups to the Cloud for safe-keeping.
  • Gmail Register Quickly Register a Gmail Account.. for example, to have real emails to your alternate and feeder accounts..
  • OneDrive OneDrive/SkyDrive – 2x More Free Cloud Storage than Dropbox

There you have it, Evony Hookups’ list of links to other useful Evony resources, tools, and guides – Bookmark this page for fast and easy referencing!

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Dead Evony Tools (Click to Open)

Dead Evony Tools 🙁

  • Food Consumption Calculator Pretty self-explanatory… just enter how many troops you have, it tells you how much they are eating!
  • Hero Persuasion Calculator Calculate how many medals you will need to persuade that bad ass hero that has been captured in your feasting hall! 😉
  • Holy Water Calculator Use this tool to calculate how much Holy water(s) you will need to redistribute your Evony hero’s attribute points.
  • Map Distance Calculator Use this tool to calculate the distance between two coordinates.
  • The Evony Wiki Used to be a great source of Evony info, then it died and domain was snatched.