About Evony Hookups

So what exactly is Evony Hookups, and where did it come from, you ask?

Evony Hookups started out as a single player’s blog used only for helping his fellow alliance members… but as the weeks passed, and the month went by.. there was a surge in the Force! Players from around the world were coming to Evony Hookups to look at screenshots and read guides… the blog had become viral, a staple in the Evony world…

Now, what is Evony Hookups at this point?

Recently EHU went through a back-end change and site redesign, from blog-only to a fully operational website! Even more exciting – Evony Hookups is now open to and run fully by players registered to the site as contributors! Players can now register at Evony Hookups, create user profiles complete with contact details and photos, send private messages and mails to each other, and even submit content to be used as guides! (Not a single person signed up to contribute in over a 1.5 years, aside from spammers trying to sell fake gucci bags and dietary supplements – So I ended EHU’s running as a contributor-based website. It’s back to just me.) Everything you see on EHU is player-submitted data, tried and tested to be true..

How can you help?

You can help by commenting posts with any suggestions/corrections, submitting bug/broke-link reports, and by submitting new content and tools to the site via the forms in their respective pages!