Evony Cities – Cascade Transport Guide

You’re farming NPCs well in Evony, now it’s time to transport the resources.

Assuming you’ve read the previous guide and your cities are set up effectively and your next concern should be minimizing the risk at each city.  You do that by making sure you keep minimal resources in each farm city by transporting them to other cities thus making your city less of a target and not worth hitting.  Cascading is not for everyone unless you have a lot of friends aka a big network.  The process can be slightly tedious but there are advantages.

Mapping out your citiesEvony Resource Routing

If you are going to do this you must know exactly where all your cities are at on a map.  The easiest way to do this is map the cords out on grided paper or use a website like evolliance where you can map your cities.  If you use evolliance I would suggest making each friend/helper part of their own alliance but part of the same group like “allies”.  This will enable you to isolate them from each other.  You should be choosing a location on this map that all cities will eventually route to, aka your hub city.

Now please forgive the bad “paint” examples but this is the best way to illustrate what I mean.  You first start with mapping your cities.

Where the purple city is your hub city you would have several cities spread out around it as seen above and to the right. The purpose is to get all resources into a central located and city that has plenty of troops to protect the resources in it.  By neglecting to move resources you will have resources spread at several locations.  If unguarded, easy resources for the taking.  If guarded your city will still likely be beaten and you now have a larger combined upkeep across all cities.

Central transporting to the HUBEvony Resource Routing Central

This can be a good option in some situations however the issue arises in particular if you have some cities that span across a very long distance.  Typically you must go a larger transports because you tend to stockpile larger quantity of resources when transports are gone for several hours.  The breakdown.


  • Central transport point
  • Mapping typically not required
  • Easier to see what’s coming
  • Point A to Point B transporting


  • More transports can be required
  • Transport times can be extremely long
  • Cities can cap on resource production quite easily
  • Cities are on their own for resources
  • Resources can only move as fast as transports on hand to central city
  • If attacked and transports are hours away you may not be able to hide resources and are committed to the location.

Cascade Transporting to the HUBEvony Resource Routing Cascading

This method allows you to move resources in short bursts from city to city then eventually to a central hub.  This is however more complicated to set up but has much different advantages compared to central transporting.  The breakdown.


  • Short quick transport bursts resources from one city to the next
  • Larger quantities of resources move faster because instead of having just the transports in your current city it is actually using all combined transports of your network.
  • Less transports are required
  • Extremely quick round trip transport times freeing up city and giving options if attacked.
  • Easy to prevent resource capping, quick sends and returns keep transports around to move resources making it so resource is always building.
  • Cities in transport path help each other with resources
  • You can set up back up resource paths for resources over a certain quantity or isolate certain types of resources to take a different path.


  • Requires mapping and organization
  • Cords from city to city must be plotted individually
  • Resources in lesser quantities can have a longer travel time
  • It is difficult to see what resources you have incoming since they are spread across multiple sources.
  • Cities can potentially get clogged without you realizing.


The purpose of this is for your to you to judge if you are farming and routing your resources smart in Evony.  In certain situations it may make better sense to route directly to your hub city.  However their can be bigger advantages and better resources if you cascade transport your resources.  One of the biggest advantages in my opinion is the ability to plug resources into any location and it ends up at your hub.  Combine this with the fact you can also take priority on resources like wood and iron and make certain it moves first and on separate or more direct paths.  You will want to make sure when you are routing you stay within prestige requirements from location to location.  If you have big gaps in your map you can place cities in between and chain your cities more effectively and spread yourself over farther distances.  If I’ve missed any pro’s and con’s please post below.  I look forward to your comments.


Source Article from http://evonyunites.com/