Evony Farming – Layers for Level 10 NPC Farming with Attack Heroes level 140+

Every Evony player should know by now that all Evony heroes with at least 220-240 points in the Attack attribute (depending on said hero's Intelligence attribute points) to start being able to successfully farm/attack level 10 NPCs WITHOUT scouting them first – while still having less than 6-7k archer losses – no matter the level of the defending level 10 NPC's mayor.

* Layers – The word "Layers" or "Layer", in regard to Evony discussion, refers to the exact/specific troop types and troop amounts sent in an attack. Another popular term for "Layer" that some people use in Evony is "Rainbow" as in, "What type of attack rainbow did you use when attacking that level 10 NPC?"

However, many Evony players do not know that there are many different "Farming Layers" to use at different times in order to better your results (which is ALWAYS less archer losses when farming Level 10 NPCs in Evony for food and other resources).

Some tricky things about farming level 10 NPCs in Evony are that some level 10 NPC farming layers work better than others when farming depending on your hero's intelligence attribute (apparently), plus some layers stop working as well as they once did when your hero's attack attribute goes beyond 300. Just like some layers work better for heroes beyond 300 attack but not before, and some layers only work well for heroes beyond 700. You just have to mess around with them!

Layers found to work well with Heroes above 220 Attack, and some for 350+ Heroes:

Hero Level Worker Warrior Scout Pikes Swords Archer Trans
250-350 2000 2000 3000     91000 2000
230-340 1 1 4996 1 1 93000 2000
300-350 1000 1000 3000 1000 1000 91000 2000
300+ 3000   7000     88000 2000
350+   6000 300 500 500 88000 2000
350+   5000 3000     90000 2000


Archer Layer for Attacking Level 10 NPCS

Archer attack layer for farming Level 10 NPC Barbarian Cities

level 10 npc farming layer


Okay.. so having strong and awesome Evony heroes is good and all.. but what do you do before your hero is strong enough to farm level 10 NPCs without losing over 7k Archers?? Well, you can keep being an Evony Uber-Noob by farming lvl 5 NPCs for 90k exp, you can step your Not-So-Noob-Level up a notch by doing some "Warrior Bombs" on lvl 6-8 NPCs with 50-100k Warriors for 220-700k experience, OR..

Just add some Ballista to the above attack layers, subtracting the same amount of archers, and use a hero with at least 140 attack – Only loses 4-7k Arch, just like the big boys! Evony Noob-Level no longer in question… 😉

Here's some "ULTIMATE Evony Level 10 Farming Layers" that work well with Heroes that are below 220 Attack. Heroes below 140-170 attack will need less Archers and More Cow Bell Ballista!!


Hero Level Worker Warrior Scout Pikes Swords Archer Ballista Trans
140-170   6000       77000 15000 2000
170-220   3000 3000 500 500 87800 3200 2000
170-220 1000 2000 3000 250 250 88000 3500 2000
200-230     1000 1000 1000 92000 2000 2000


Level 10 NPC Farming Layer with Ballista for low level Heroes

Level 10 NPC Attack Layer with Ballista

Level 10 NPC Farming Layer with Ballista for low level Heroes.

Have some input? You can submit a comment below with your favorite Evony Level 10 NPC Farming Layer and a link to a screenshot of it in action to get it added to this guide!!

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