Evony Tip – How to Pinpoint the Six Minute Evony Server Refresh

Do what?

If you don't know already, every 6 minutes the Evony Servers refresh – replenishing Troops and Resources to NPCs and Valleys that have recently been hit, as well as dropping or raising loyalty due to Taxes or Public Grievance.

So what more is there to know?

Well, some times when you are doing more advances things, like taking an NPC city at long range, you will need to know exaclty what minute out of the Six that the Server will Refresh.

In order to Pinpoint the Six Minute Evony Server Refresh you will need some Archers or other troops to hit a low level Valley, Flat, or NPC – as well as some scouts, 7k – 70k scouts should do, depending on what level Target you are hitting.

What to do?

  1. First, choose an open Low Level Valley/Flat/NPC that is close and launch a Farm attack at it that will land in about 5-7 minutes. Try not to have any losses, as the only point of attacking the valley is to kill all it's troops, nothing more.
  2. Second, use the camp feature to set up Seven Scout waves of 1k – 10k Scouts, or more, to land on the same valley seconds after the Farm Attack that is clearing the Troops, and then once every minute after that for a total of One Scout per minute for Seven Minutes.
  3. Check the Scout Reports as they come in, The Scout Report that shows a change in Troop counts at your Target is the minute in which the Server Refreshed. 
  4. Once you PinPoint the Minute that the Server Refreshes, you can Repeat the process with spacing of Ten Seconds instead of One minute to PinPoint at what time during the minute the Server Refreshes within a Ten second time frame.

Once you have PinPointed the Server Refresh Minute, you will always know when it will be until the next time Server Maintenance restarts the Server. After Maintenance you can just repeat the process in a matter of 10 minutes if you still need to know the Refresh time.

For Example, If the server refresh lands on 12:00:00, it will continue as follows:

  • 12:06:00
  • 12:12:00 
  • 12:18:00
  • 12:24:00
  • 12:30:00
  • 12:36:00
  • 12:42:00
  • 12:48:00
  • 12:54:00
  • 13:00:00

Having this knowledge can be very useful when attempting the Long Distance NPC Conquer using Four Cities because you will know the exact minute of the Server Refresh, allowing you to land your Archer Waves the minute after Refresh and the other 38 Loyalty waves of Warriors within the next Four Minutes to avoid running into any Replenished troops due to Server Refresh. 🙂