Trebuchet Leveling Single Hero Script – by EHU

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This Evony Script demolishes all of your wall fortifications, then uses your 1066+ politics Insta-Trebuchet hero to make 11k instant Trebuchets (giving him XP), then it demolishes those 11k Trebuchets and repeats the process! It eats through your stone like CRAZY! It also uses some food as well..

This is the FASTEST way to level your Politics hero in Evony, if the hero is already higher than 1066 politics! It’s probably the MOST wasteful way to level your hero in Evony, as well, especially if stone prices are high on your server! There are settings for “MinStone” and “MinFood” to auto-stop the script when the city is getting low on resources. Also, this script makes use of NEATBot’s goal save slots to load a special goal (that you must create) with NO fortification lines via “TrebbingGoalNum” to use during the script – so goal settings don’t interfere with Trebuchets being built and demolished. Also, you can just not have a goal running during the script by using any blank goal save slot for “TrebbingGoalNum” variable! Once the script is done running it loads your regular goal back into NEATBot when the script ends via “RegularGoalNum”. If you manually edit your regular goal to not build fortifications while running this script, then you can just use your Regular Goal save slot for both “RegularGoalNum” and TrebbingGoalNum”.

Of course, this script is designed for players with Insta-Treb heroes to level them even farther and faster, however.. if you have a politics hero that is ALMOST insta-treb, such as 1 or 2 seconds per Trebuchet, then you could.. in theory.. still use this script to gain XP at a much slower pace!

Level your Insta-Treb hero like an Evony BOSS using this Trebuchet Leveling Single Hero Script by EHU!!

NOTE: If new to Trebbing/Trebuchet-Leveling you should probably read this article called Evony Tip – Evony Trebbing: the Art of Trebuchet Hero Leveling and Item Farming before continuing.

EHU Script/Goal Note
Scripts and Goals by Evony Hookups are updated as frequently as possible when there are outdated lines that need to be updated, or upgrades to how the Script/Goal works, however, they can’t always be tested with each update – there are simply too many. There may be small errors in operation or typos due to an update. Please keep this in mind when using Scripts or Goals by EHU and report any errors or suggestions in the comments below or via email on the Contact page!

Trebuchet Leveling Single Hero Script – by EHU:

Have fun watching your Insta-Treb hero get almost a million experience every 3 seconds, approximately.. 😛

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